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Auditing Criteria

To safeguard our quality and to protect the integrity and safety of everybody we work with, we operate advanced internal auditing systems for all our factories.

Financial Risk Assessment

Using various risk assessment tools, we make sure that factories in the Eton network have sound finances. Sound finances usually means they make a sound product and do good business.

Compliance with the Law

Our quality control procedures ensure that factories are totally compliant with local laws, and are not breaking rules which may put workers safety or orders at risk.

Labour Practices

Eton goes beyond enforcing local laws alone. Quality originates from fair working standards and practices. We uphold the criteria of WRAP, BSCI and the International Labour Organisation.

Production Process Control

Onsite inspectors check all stages of the production process before factories are permitted to work with us. We look for a professional factory setup which has all the procedures and measures needed.

Factory Environment

A good factory environment is a vital component of quality. Proper handling procedures should be in place, the factory should have good air ventilation and light so that workers are protected from poor standards of hygiene and conditions.

Quality Management Systems

The factories own internal quality control procedures must also be top notch. Good internal QC couple with our own stringent and detailed inspection standards results in a tight and well-oiled quality control programme.

Our Pledge

We care deeply about social welfare within the garment industry. We also understand the need of retailers to maintain high standards of ethical conduct in their sourcing, while keeping costs to a minimum. Eton excels at maintaining high standards of social compliance. By sourcing with us you have taken all the steps necessary to protect your reputation and to ensure fair conditions for garment factory workers. Eton only works with fully accredited factories and operates a strict sourcing compliance program. All factories in the Eton production network and high standards because the workers deserve it and so do you.

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