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Our people make Eton. We are dedicated and passionate about having a positive impact on your business and work. Eton's unique culture and approach sets us apart from others in our industries. In the end we do what is right for our clients, our people and our communities. It feels different to work with us.

Eton's staff each contribute in their own way to our unique culture. Through educational extracurricular activities and staff training, we place great emphasis on the personal and professional development of the team. Poetry competitions, paintballing, weekly badminton tournaments and business English sessions – there is little outside the scope of possibility. For business purposes, our staff work participate in seminars to refine their customer service and communication skills, things which our customers value greatly when they work with us. The happiness of our staff is reflected in the happiness of our customers.

Meet the team:

Eton Yip


Eton was born in Fujian province, China and has been working in the garment industry for more than 35 years. He began his working life sewing in a factory in Hong Kong, and has since worked in many areas of the garment industry including dyeing mills, fabric mills and factory administration. In 1993, Eton founded Eton Garment Limited in Hong Kong and has since been exporting ready-made garments and fabrics to markets around the world. Eton has always placed plain-talking and straightforward business discourse at the forefront of his operations. This honesty is the foundation on which he has built such trusting business relationships over the years.

Deon Yip

Managing Director

Deon was born in Hong Kong and later received his B.Sc. from the London School of Economics. Deon has acquired much of his extensive knowledge of the textiles business from his father, Mr Eton Yip. With his imaginative take on international business, Deon is adept at developing new business models with customers so that they can increase their sales and market share. Deon combines his experience of East and West to great effect and is a positive, modern thinking and respected leader. Deon is overseeing the expansion of Eton and is taking the organisation in a direction of strong growth and prosperity.

Richard Xu

General Manager

Richard has been working for more than 8 years. Prior to joining Eton, Richard was an Oversea Business VP for Asia’s largest ribbon supplier – Yama. He is very experienced in corporate management and production systems management. As General Manager, he oversee essential corporate divisions such as human resources, information technology, finance, and international sales, continuously driving improvements in efficiency.

Tim Hatzis

Director of Business Development

Tim was born in Oxford, United Kingdom. He received his B.A. from the University of California, Berkeley and the University of Warwick, UK. Tim leads business development at Eton, where he guides and works closely with staff to secure growth opportunities for the company across different markets. Tim is a natural interdisciplinarian. As such, his role involves most aspects of the business and blurs the traditional boundaries separating sales, customer relations, strategy and management in order to drive Eton's expansion forward.

Navtej Atwal

Director of Exports

Navtej was born and brought up in India and educated at the University of New Delhi. He relocated to Hong Kong in 1996, and has worked in the garment industry ever since. Navtej began his career as a quality control technician and learned the ins and outs of garment fabrication by working very closely with workers in factories, while trouble shooting each stage of the production process. During his 17 year career in garments, he has gained experience in sales, merchandising and sourcing across multiple product categories.

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