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Gloria Jeans

Gloria Jeans is an international company specializing in production and sales of youth fashion apparel, footwear and accessories under Gloria Jeans and Gee Jay brands. GJ serves its customers from its chain stores located in 319 cities throughout Russia and the Ukraine, and is expanding rapidly year after year.

Like all retailers, GJ relies on suppliers who are able to stick to a strict schedule. At Eton we understand that a successful sourcing strategy relies on meeting tight deadlines in order to maximize the length and efficiency of the given sales window. Every day of sales counts.

Our relationship with GJ started after they were let down by a supplier on a large quantity of jackets and coats which were a key and very important part of the overall visual merchandising scheme of their stores. We received an enquiry which most suppliers probably wouldn't be able to cope with - tight price and tight deadlines left by the previous supplier left us with no option but to pull out all the stops.

Through hard work and dedication, we shipped them their goods on time and with good quality - the performance of Eton on this first round of business under very difficult circumstances led GJ to elevate us to one of their most trusted suppliers.

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