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Liverpool F.C. is one of the most successful football clubs in English history. The club can proudly claim to have won more European trophies than any other English team with five European Cups, three UEFA Cups and three UEFA Super Cups under their belt.

Along with the players themselves, the brand of a football club is a vital asset to any sports team. Liverpool's brand is a famous and highly prestigious one, and it takes a great deal of care to preserve it both on and off the pitch.

Being new to sourcing directly, the club needed valuable partners to build their fashion brand into something which was worthy of the club's international footballing reputation. Eton stepped up to provide exactly what Liverpool F.C.'s sourcing team needed. Once Liverpool saw the professional and reliable conduct of Eton's teams, the club awarded us twice the original order quantity.

We are now a proud core supplier to Liverpool, delivering garments and merchandise which are of as high quality as their football. We welcome enquiries from other sports franchises who are looking to emulate the success that Liverpool is now sharing with Eton.

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